By delivering a broad and engaging curriculum with targeted interventions, specialist support and a holistic ethos centred on the development of the whole person, we believe that students at Goldwyn make outstanding academic and personal progress.

Academic Progress

"Most students make outstanding progress in English and mathematics. Due to recent developments, progress in English is now even better than in mathematics." (OFSTED report June 2014)

"... pupils typically make exceptional progress across a range of subjects, including English and mathematics"(OFSTED report December 2017)


As a result of our whole school evaluation, we believe that students at Goldwyn make outstanding academic progress.

We have high expectations for all students at Goldwyn and set subject targets in line with national expectations. We record, track and analyse progress, in every subject area, according to the same standards, and put in place targeted interventions when students’ are not “on track” to achieve their annual targets.

Although the percentage of our students making expected or better progress is less than students nationally we believe that when their complex vulnerabilities are taken into account they make good or outstanding progress.

In terms of analysing student progress between Key Stages and particularly from Key Stage 2 to 4 we have developed our own “Goldwyn criteria” for assessing whether or not a student has made good or outstanding progress. Following extensive cross referencing over many years to national data sets, FFT, and our past data and diagnosed needs and vulnerabilities, we developed the criteria which we have been using since 2009/10.

Using these criteria we are able to demonstrate that the vast majority of students make good or outstanding progress at Goldwyn. Students eligible for Pupil Premium generally make progress in line with the whole cohort.

Assessments of progress from KS3 to KS4 using "Goldwyn Criteria" (Goldwyn Ashford)

KS3 to KS4

(31 students)

% Good and outstanding progress in

89% (GA&GF)

81% (G. All)

(88% Pupil Premium)

% Good and outstanding progress in

83% (GA&GF)

78% (G. All)

(88% Pupil Premium)


Flagship School Status Nov 22

Goldwyn School continues to be a Flagship School (November 2022)


Goldwyn School rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted 

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