History at Goldwyn School is studied by students in years 7, 8, and 9 (Key stage 3).

Goldwyn School’s History department believes that as pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 explore and investigate various topics throughout Key stage 3 they should:

  • Engage with and enjoy the subject and its content.
  • Gain satisfaction and certification from the work that they produce.
  • Develop and secure their basic understanding of the History of the United Kingdom, Europe and the wider world.
  • Develop their literacy, communication, research and presentation skills.
  • Undertake regular assessment in order to monitor and support their learning.

ICT is used regularly to enhance the quality of students work and will be used throughout set topics in order to research and investigate appropriate sources relating to lesson (e.g. the Common Wealth graves Commission for set topic World War1 and World War 2).

The long term plan below illustrates the broad areas underpinned by the National Curriculum of which students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will study. (However, the order of units is occasionally subject to change each academic year.)

Year 7

  • What is History? (past knowledge, evidence, discussion, identifying objects, basic chronology, famous past lives, fact v's fiction)
  • How did the Roman Empire affect Britain? (Comparisons & lifestyles, Life as a Roman Soldier, Invasion and conquest, chronology, what did the Romans do for us?)
  • Why did the Normans Invade Britain? (Family trees, contenders to throne, two battles, how were the Normans different? The Vikings beliefs and Weaponry)

Year 8

  • How did the Normans Gain Control?(Feudal System, Castles & Cathedrals, Domesday)
  • Were all Native Americans Lives the Same? (different environments - different Nations, micro study - Woodland and Plains Indians)
  • How was the UK Formed? (What makes up the UK?, historical events that created the Union, ICT presentation about  the union of the UK)

Year 9

  • What Was a Soldiers Life Like in WW1? (technology and war, a defensive war, a soldiers life in the trenches, the cost of the war)
  • World War2, 1939-45 Britain’s Finest Hour? (links to WW1, timeline of World War 2, leaders profiles, micro study - war in Kent - The Battle of Britain)
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