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Functional Skills in English and Maths

Functional Skills in English and Maths


Why do we deliver it?

We recognise that good maths and English are vital assets in today’s job market, as well as allowing individuals to work confidently, effectively and independently in everyday life.

English and maths skills are an essential part of the modern professional’s toolkit. Employers consistently place English and maths high on the list of skills they look for in potential employees. Many employers now require at least a Level 1 maths and English qualification to progress to interview stage.

Because our aim is to give you the best preparation for your chosen career, English and maths will be essential elements of your programme at Goldwyn Sixth Form College.

As a full-time student at college, you will develop your English and maths skills through your personalised learning plan. If you have not yet achieved a GCSE Grade A* to C or 9 to 4 in English and/or maths, you will study for a recognised qualification appropriate to your level. If you have already achieved A* to C or 9 to 4, you will continue to develop your English and maths skills through your specialist subject.

Who is it suitable for?

There are no formal entry requirements.

Prior to commencing the course, your tutor will ask you to complete an Initial assessment online (Skills Forward provided by NCFE) which will determine the level at which your learning will commence.

The maths course will help you:

  • use a calculator
  • do financial calculations
  • use metric systems
  • multiply and divide
  • understand fractions and decimals

What are the aims of the course?

You will firstly work through an initial assessment online (Skills Forward provided by NCFE) to assess your current level of skill. From this we can determine what level you need to start at and which areas you will need to cover in order to gain your qualification.

Areas covered in English include:

  • Speaking, Listening and Communication
  • Reading
  • Writing

Areas covered in maths include:

  • Understand and use numbers with one significant figure in practical contexts
  • Describe the properties of size and measure, including length, width, height and weight, and make simple comparisons
  • Describe position
  • Recognise and select coins and notes
  • Recognise and name common 2D and 3D shapes
  • Sort and classify objects practically using a single criteria


How is the course is assessed?

These courses are assessed by formal paper based or online assessments and English has an additional assessed speaking and listening presentation and discussion.

How is the course is delivered?

The course is delivered in an open flexible learning environment using a variety of both computer and written resources in addition to tutorials from the course tutors as required to meet your individual needs.

Maths and English is also embedded into the vocational subjects and work in core lessons is directly related to these courses to help you with engagement and to see the relevance of the subjects for your career development.

Awarding Bodies:

NCFE- Maths Level 1 and Level 2

NCFE- English Level 1 and Level 2

Pearson – Entry level Maths

Pearson – Entry level Maths

AQA – Maths GCSE

AQA – English GCSE


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