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Level 2 Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Level 2 Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair


What is level 2 Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair?

All vehicles that are used in motor sport, not only on the roads but off road too rely on engines, brakes, suspension and transmission systems. For these vehicles to be used reliably and safely they must be maintained to a very high safe standard. Our aim at Goldwyn College is to develop further the student’s motorsport maintenance engineering skills. This will enable them to not only understand the mechanical aspect of the vehicle, but also to understand teamwork and to develop their skills and knowledge to become an important member of a motorsport team.

What are the aims of the course?

The level 2 Diploma in Motor Sport is a vocational subject-based learning programme covering all elements both the theory and practical aspects of the following. This qualification will allow students to develop their knowledge and skills across all specialist areas of the motorsport areas of the vehicle. This will prepare them for further studies and potentially an apprenticeship into a job role they desire in the future. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to enable you to carry out specialist maintenance to motorsport vehicles and to work in a team environment in a realistic working environment of our well-equipped automotive workshop.

This qualification consists of a combination of units from:

  • Health, safety and good housekeeping
  • Knowledge of motorsport event regulations
  • Materials, fabrication, tools and measuring devices
  • Motorsport vehicle inspection
  • Motorsport vehicle engine mechanical, lubrication and cooling system
  • Motorsport vehicle fuel, ignition, air and exhaust system
  • Motorsport vehicle electrical
  • Motorsport vehicle chassis
  • Motorsport vehicle transmission and driveline

What qualifications do I need to do this course?

Standard entry to this course requires a progression from Level one Diploma Vehicle Transport Maintenance. It is a requirement that you have achieved a minimum of a level one Functional Skill or GCSEs in both English and maths at grade 4. You must also have a positive attitude towards motorsport and  have some involvement in the sport.

Work Experience

You will be required to complete from term two onwards one day a week work experience additional to your weekly college days of attendance. This ideally would be within the motorsport environment, which would assist with your studies.

How is the course assessed?

The course is designed to give you a practical experience on carrying out maintenance and repair procedures. An element of written assessments is required to ensure the motorsport systems theory is understood, coupled with online exams. Practical assessments are based on observations of practical activities. On completion of the course, you will earn a full IMI level 2 Diploma in Motor Sport. You will complete a portfolio of evidence covering workshop tasks and related online exams and phase tests for each topic you study.

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