December tree planting

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Volunteers needed for our tree planting this December.

We will be having some trees planted at the bottom of the school field as part of a school's tree planting project. The planting area will be about the size of a small football pitch. The trees being planted will include Field Maple, Whitebeam, Hazel, Alder Birch, Hornbeam, Rowan, Dogwood and Oak.

This will be done by the Kent Stour Countryside Partnership along with volunteers. They will be doing this during the Xmas holidays on Sunday 17th and Monday 18th December 2023.

Our students will have the chance to plant some trees when they return as part of the land-based studies.

Please let the school know if you would like to volunteer and we will give you more details.

On Monday 18th December, due to a road closure, access to the school will be from the A20 only

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