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Student Vaccinations

Please click on the relevant link(s) on the left for our current information and advice for student vaccinations.

If you have any further questions that are not addressed here please contact the site your child attends.


COVID-19 vaccinations

All children aged 12 to15 years are now being offered the COVID-19 vaccination.

The immunisation service are currently planning the COVID-19 vaccination programme for children who attend Special Schools and will communicate a schedule of vaccination sessions with you very shortly – potentially starting in half-term week. 

To assist with their planning, and to ensure they are able to provide sufficient appointments and vaccination sessions, they ask that you complete the online consent form by Wednesday 20th October.

 Please complete the online consent form at:

To use the consent form you will need to enter one of the following details for your child:

·         NHS number or

·         Legal surname, their date of birth and postcode

 Please note: If your child has an underlying health condition, they may have already been offered or received the vaccination via your GP. It is important you still complete the online consent so we can capture this information and we don’t continue to invite your child for vaccination.

If your child has already had the COVID-19 vaccination, please click ‘yes’ to consent.

A number of questions will appear including:

·         Has your child previously had a COVID-19 vaccine?

o   Please tick ‘yes’ and include the date and venue attended

o   This will ensure we have a record of vaccination

·         Does your child have any underlying condition?

o   Please give details

o   For some children with and underlying health condition, they will require a second vaccination. This information will ensure that they are invited for dose two.


 Leaflets explaining the COVID-19 vaccination programme can be found here:

COVID-19 vaccination programme - guide for children and young people

COVID-19 vaccination programme for children and young people – guidance for parents ( 

Please note that a young person can consent to having a vaccination, if they are assessed as competent to do so. For more information about consent please go to:

If you have any questions please email:

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