Student Pages

School Day

Our school day is based around 35 minute lessons, differing numbers on different days. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are 8 lesson days, on a Wednesday lessons finish at 2pm and we have Student Led Learning (SLL as we call it) activities.  On Friday lessons finish at 12.40, we have lunch and school finishes at 13.25. 

  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Wednesday Friday
8.15 – 8.30 Arrival/Breakfast club Arrival/Breakfast club Arrival/Breakfast club
8.30 – 8.45 Unit time Unit time Unit time
8.45 – 8.55 Assembly Assembly Assembly
8.55 – 9.30 Lesson 1   Lesson 1   Lesson 1  
9.30 – 10.05 Lesson 2   Lesson 2   Lesson 2  
10.05 – 10.40 Lesson 3   Lesson 3   Lesson 3  
10.40 – 11.00 Break     Break     Break    
11.00 – 11.35 Lesson 4   Lesson 4   Lesson 4  
11.35 – 12.10 Lesson 5    Lesson 5    Lesson 5   
12.10 - 12.30 Lunch (Two sittings)  Lunch (Two sittings)  Lesson 6
12.30 – 12.50 Lunch (Two sittings)  Lunch (Two sittings)  Lunch (Two sittings) 
12.50 – 13.25 Lesson 6   Lesson 6   Lunch (Two sittings) 
13.25 – 14.00 Lesson 7 Lesson 7 Departure / Taxis   
14.00 – 14.35 Lesson 8 Student Led Learning  
14.35- 14.45 Unit time Student Led Learning  
14.45 – 15.15 Goldwyn Time   Student Led Learning  
15.15 Departure / Taxis   Departure / Taxis    

Goldwyn Units and Pastoral support

Pastoral support is based within our unit groups – Eagles, Ospreys, Kestrels and Hawks.

Each unit is led by the unit leader, supported by a deputy, alongside other staff. The unit is the first point of contact for students, staff and parents/carers. The unit leader is considered to be a students’  ‘Keyworker’ and will meet each student on a 1:1 basis to discuss progress at least every half term.

  Unit Leader Unit Deputy
Eagles Amanda Mitchelle
Osprey Kath Steve
Kestrels Kim Cassie
Hawks Linda Herbie


The main focus of the units is to help each individual student feel they have a sense of belonging and identity –  helping them to develop the social, emotional and behavioural skills needed to engage in learning and best prepare for their future, be college, training or work. Units also support learning through Academic Mentoring – a 1:1 meeting with a teacher, once a term to discuss learning across the curriculum.

Of course students can talk to any member of staff at any point and we encourage regular contact with all our parents/carers. Don’t be surprised if a unit leader rings ‘just for a chat’ – it’s what makes us different!

A Typical School Day at Goldwyn

Students arrive from around 8.15 and are met in the canteen by the unit staff. Students can have breakfast of tea and toast and settle into the school day.

At 8.30 students go to their allocated units (Hawks, Eagles, Ospreys, Kestrels) with the staff. This allows time for students to leave belongings in their unit  and chose their lunch from the daily menu.

At 08.40 a quick morning chat enables discussion about the timetable and any changes that may be occurring during the day. Students will be given their ‘BRITA’ sheets, which are  used to record Behaviour, Respect, Attitude, Team-working and Ability points. These points are tallied up and can then be spent at the trading post.

Assembly is at 8.45 - all students and staff attend

Lessons start at 08.55, running through to break at 10.40. Break starts with ‘check’ in the hall where they quickly touch base with their unit staff before going to buy snacks and drinks, play Basketball in the Hall, Football on the playground, have a chat with friends or sit in their unit if they prefer. The i-Mac room is also open for those wishing to access IT.

Lessons commence again at 11.00, running through until 12.10. Lunch is then divided into two sittings with Hawks and Kestrels on one and Ospreys and Eagles on the other. Lunch is prepared on site by Sarah and June - the menu includes a hot main meal, vegetarian option, jacket potatoes and sandwich/baguette options.  Students not on lunch sitting can either go outside for some fresh air or sit in their units. The Hall is normally open for Basketball or Badminton.

After lunch at 12.50, lessons commence again until 14.35.  Students then return to their units, were the unit meetings take place - these are used to reflect on the student’s day as part of a unit conversation. Students are expected to support those facing challenges and older students will often take a leading role in these meetings – passing on the benefit of their experiences!!

After the meeting is ‘Goldwyn Time’ where students can chose a variety of activities offered to help develop social skills – this might be board games, having a chat with others, or playing team games. Each unit has it’s own preferred option, you are likely to find Kestrels having a highly competitive game of Uno/cards, whilst Ospreys have a DS challenge running.

At 15.15 everyone meets again in the unit be called for transport home.

During Student Led Learning (SLL) on Wednesday there is the opportunity for students to try a variety of activities over a four week period. This might be craft based, film reviews, cooking or making and setting off rockets.

We ensure there are always staff available to talk with students and work through any issues arising – likewise parents/carers are welcome to contact unit staff to keep us all up to date. All classes have a teacher and a learning support assistant to support all students and ensure they make good progress in learning.

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