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Goldwyn Folkestone

Our Inclusive Pathways

Goldwyn has extended it’s range of provision by developing the accommodation at our Folkestone site to include three unique learning pathways and Goldwyn Sixth Form College.

Specialist, highly skilled staff work under one roof to provide tailored learning programmes for students who may find the demands of a larger school setting and a formal academic curriculum too much of a challenge. 

Goldwyn Folkestone is a purpose built special school with well-resourced specialist teaching areas and an excellent level of ICT throughout the building.  Goldwyn Staff work flexibly across the Goldwyn sites ensuring students have the consistently high quality teaching and support that Goldwyn is renowned to deliver.  Pastoral care is exceptional, with many staff trained in a range of counseling methods.

The aims of all the inclusive pathway programmes offered are to increase levels of engagement and attendance, provide catch-up for learning lost over time, identify individual students’ strengths and interests and provide the opportunity to undertake a range of relevant academic and vocational courses prior to choosing a further destination at KS3, KS4 or KS5.

All Goldwyn students have access to a range of vocational qualifications largely delivered in house. These range from IMI Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Body Repair, Motor Cycle Maintenance and Repair to Construction, EL to L2 Hairdressing and BTEC Catering. Many of our students have successfully accessed courses run by external providers such as Challenger Troop, Forest School, Environmental Therapy and MXCP.

The learning at Goldwyn Folkestone is organized into 4 separate pathways:

Pathway 1

This provides highly individualised, tailored programmes for KS3 and KS4 students.  Some students attend the Folkestone centre ,others may be tutored at their home or their local library.  Students are expected to study English and Maths to GCSE or Functional Skills level whilst also having the opportunity to develop their skills across the wider curriculum and undertake accredited courses in art, music, science, & ICT.

See Goldwyn Plus Page for more detailed information.

Pathway 2

This is our more focused nurture provision. Students on this programme are provided with greater opportunities for social interaction, practical activities and greater support with emotional and behavioural difficulties than they might otherwise receive if the class was larger or the academic pressure too great. Emotional resilience and Behaviour for Learning are the key priorities for this group. Integration into the most suitable Pathway: 1, 3, Goldwyn Ashford or another special school are the anticipated outcomes after a year in this Pathway.

Pathway 3

This is for students with a diagnosis of ASD who are unable to access a mainstream or special school placement due to their anxieties or mental health needs.  These students are likely to have CAMHS Tier 4 involvement in their past and must have an EHCP with identified mental health support provision in place.

Goldwyn Sixth Form College

Building upon our highly successful and oversubscribed Sixth Form based in Leacon Road Ashford, Goldwyn has expanded into the first floor at Goldwyn Folkestone, where we are able to deliver Employability Skills, Life skills and GCSE and Functional Skills in English and Maths.  We are now able to offer full-time programmes to students who would benefit from this level of support and structure.  Students attending Goldwyn Folkestone for part of their week will also be attending Ashford or New Romney for the practical vocational courses they have chosen.

See Goldwyn Sixth Form College page for more details.

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