Welcome to Goldwyn School's Physical Education Department. Our aim is to encourage all our students to actively and regularly participate in a wide variety of sports activities in order to gain enjoyment and a greater realisation of their true talent and worth.

One of the most important aspects of our work is getting our students to engage in team activities, which helps them to develop their communication and interpersonal skills as well as gaining an appreciation of the talents of their fellow students.

Goldwyn School has an impressive array of sporting facilities including:

  • A gymnasium, catering for sports such as basketball, badminton, five a side football and indoor hockey
  • Outdoor swimming pool.
  • Hard surface tennis courts.
  • Football and rugby pitch.

The head of Goldwyn School's Physical Education department is Daniel Manvell, assisted by a supportive team. The department has created an imaginative programme of activities designed to deliver an active and inclusive learning environment for all students.

We positively encourage competition between students and to that end we hold an annual 'Sports Week' during which students have the opportunity to be coached by not only the staff but also their peers, enabling students to experience new sports and activities. We also hold a dedicated athletics-based sports day, with competitive events and certificates and medals awarded in recognition of personal achievement and excellence amongst the student body.

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