There is a dedicated intranet within the department which the pupils can access at all times. There is a wealth of material to support both the PSD course and also the careers element. There are links to online surveys regarding the delivery of the curriculum as well as things like bullying surveys etc. It is intended as a one stop shop for information that pupils may wish to access but be afraid to ask about. It is constantly updated and been made in conjunction with the wishes of the students,

Here is a screenshot of the homepage:

Each of the year tabs opens a breakdown of the course content and links to termly course booklets.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Emotional Wellbeing Entry 1 

Healthy Lifestyles  Entry 1 

Introduction to Sex and Relationship Education

Introduction to Drugs and Alcohol Education

Personal Finance

Personal Safety (entry level 1 )


AQA Unit 5: Emotional Wellbeing Entry 2     PSE022

AQA Unit 6: Healthy Lifestyles  Entry 2     PSE027

AQA Unit 4: Personal Finance  Entry 2     PSE017

Drugs booklet.  DREE3

Sex and relationship education SREE 3

Personal safety AQA unit 10


Emotional Wellbeing Entry 3

Healthy Lifestyles  Entry 3 

Personal Finance  Entry 3


Drugs education level 1  

Unit award 91022: compiling a curriculum vitae

Sex and relationship education 

Personal safety

Work using the internet on self assessment - 


Emotional Wellbeing Level 1

Personal statement
Fast tomato
Child working rights and legislation

Healthy Lifestyles  level 1  

Personal Finance Level 1    

Banking, taxation etc

Drugs education 

6 week course about risk taking and complementary responses

Sex and Relationship Education

Personal safety

Specific individual careers input

Completing personal statements


Work experience diary

Personal statement
Child working rights and legislation
Open days

Making informed career choices

Applying to college/ work

Applying for jobs and courses

Further help with college applications, jobs, apprenticeships etc.

Completion of all coursework

Submission of coursework

Exam revision

Work experience and independence training

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