Goldwyn Folkestone

All students have an EHCP in place at Goldwyn Folkestone, identifying a primary need of SEMH and / or ASD. Many of these students have significant attachment difficulties and have struggled to access academic classroom based learning.   Prior to admission students will have been assessed to be of average or above cognitive ability, with possible delays in learning of up to 2 years below their chronological age, significant gaps in learning due to sporadic education and mental health challenges and the resulting difficulties in maintaining positive relationships in school. Some students will have transitioned from previous SEMH provision, but for some Goldwyn may be their first special school placement.

We want students to acquire and retain new knowledge and skills, develop their ideas and increase their understanding; apply intellectual, physical and creative effort in their work; be productive and work at a good pace; show interest in their work and be able to sustain concentration and think and learn for themselves; understand what they are doing, how well they have done and how they can improve.  Additionally, Goldwyn Folkestone will experience a curriculum designed to increase levels of engagement and attendance, provide catch-up-for learning lost over time, identify students’ strengths and interests and provide the opportunity to undertake a range of relevant academic and vocational courses prior to choosing a further destination at KS4.  

There are 5 classes at Goldwyn Folkestone; most are of mixed ages with groups of 7 students, 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant. There is currently one designated nurture class whose students access the majority of their lessons in one room. This group is staffed by 2 trained specialists with core subjects taught by subject specialists.  Students are provided with greater opportunities for social interaction, practical activities and greater support with emotional and behavioural self- regulation than they might receive if their classes were larger or the academic pressure too great.

Each day consists of 6 x 45 minute lessons (4 on Friday)

Social time for students is planned and supported by the pastoral support team.

Students are supported in their learning progress by a positive target based reward system (BRITA points)

The aims of all the inclusive pathway programmes offered are to increase levels of engagement and attendance, provide catch-up for learning lost over time, identify individual students’ strengths and interests and provide the opportunity to undertake a range of relevant academic and vocational courses prior to choosing a further destination at KS3, KS4 or KS5.

All students participate in “Goldwyn Time” a structured daily intervention progamme tailored to meet their individual ECHP outcomes and learning needs. For the majority of students the focus of the interventions are social communication and emotional regulation, whilst providing a smooth transition route from the journey into school to the more ‘formal’ school day.

Students follow a KS3 & 4 national curriculum programme which places an increased emphasis on practical vocational courses in KS4.

Key Stage 3 - Curriculum Offer
Physical Education

Key Stage 3 – Group 2 (Nurture) - Curriculum Offer
Physical Education
Personal and Social Development
Outdoor and Adventurous

Additional Offer (According to individual pupil need)
Music (Small group /1:1)
Forest School
Challenger Troop
Environmental Therapy

Key Stage 4 – Curriculum Offer
Maths       Level  1 Number and Measure
                 Level 1 Statistical Methods
                 Level  2 Number and Measure
                 Level 2 Statistical Methods
                 Level 2 Algebra
English     Functional Skills Level  1
                 Functional Skills Level  2
Science     GCSE

Vocational Courses        
Construction                               Level 1 Construction Multiskills
Bike Project                               Entry Levels 1-3  IMI in Motorcycle Maintenance
Motor Vehicle                            Entry Level Motor Vehicle Maintenance
Challenger Troop                       Level 1 Certificate in Teamwork, Personal Skills and Citizenship.
                                                   Level 2 Diploma in Teamwork and Personal Development in the Community.
Hairdressing                              Entry Level 3 Award in Creative Craft (Hair design)
                                                   Level 1 & 2 Award in Creative Craft (Hair design)          
Sport                                          Level 1
Home Cooking Skills                Level ½
Health & Social Care                Level 1
Art                                             Arts Award
Preparation for Working Life    AQA Course

Our aspiration is for all students it to achieve GCSE and other level 1 & 2 qualifications by the end of Year 11. On average students leave Goldwyn with 6 or more of these qualifications.

All students are supported into post 16 education or training through an individualised transition programme that utilises CIEAG and the EHCP process.  Most students leave Goldwyn Folkestone to go on to study vocational courses at college or enter employment based training.


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