Goldwyn Plus

Goldwyn Plus  “Never Give Up!”

What are the Key Features of Goldwyn Plus?

  • Each student is treated as an individual.
  • Students can choose from a wide range of subjects in an enriched learning environment.
  • Intensive pastoral support is provided throughout the Goldwyn Plus experience.
  • PSD spear heads our staff’s dedication for each student’s personal development.
  • High quality resources and technology enables enhanced learning and student progress.
  • Effective communication acts as a core feature to building trust, respect and value throughout the school.
  • Students are supported and guided through their college application as well as Post 16 opportunities.

What do the students and families say?

“without your understanding and sensitivity to his own personal life as well as his educational needs, we all may not be the family we are today.”

“[Goldwyn Plus] has been invaluable.”

“[Goldwyn Plus has gone] above and beyond…”

“A relaxed atmosphere with none of the pressure that would make a person hate school.”

“I really appreciate all that they have done for me and could not have asked for any better guidance to complete my exams.”

“I feel that they have given me the best chance I would’ve been able to have.”

Working and Learning Together

Goldwyn Plus is part of Goldwyn School, offering students bespoke packages of education, training, and pastoral support.  We endeavour to create a challenging and inspiring learning environment where staff work together to encourage all students to reach their full potential.

Goldwyn Plus has been established to provide individualised education and alternative pathways for students with SEN/EHCPs who have found other school options difficult and have become disengaged.

At Goldwyn Plus students can experience:

  • A sense of personal security
  • High quality lessons from educational professionals
  • Enjoyment of learning 
  • Respect and being valued
  • Supportive relationships
  • Sharing their lives with positive adult role models
  • Clear and flexible boundary setting
  • Successful achievement boosting their self –esteem
  • Opportunities to obtain academic and/or vocational qualifications
  • The chance to flourish and exercise personal responsibility 

Our staff specialise in teaching and supporting students with SEMH and ASD and are able to support students through GCSE English and Maths, PSHE as well as their own specialism. 

Students often start part-time and increase their timetable alongside their confidence and engagement.  We aim for students to access and aspire to a full timetabled curriculum, approximately ten sessions, is dependent upon the needs and capability of the individual student.

Daily student reports for each session are used to track both academic and individual progress for each student, enabling effective communication between staff, students and their parents/carers.  Every opportunity is taken to celebrate student success, whether small or big. This includes praise from staff, success postcards sent home to parents/carers and rewards that are personalised to the interest of the student.

Goldwyn Plus Facilities

Goldwyn Plus has a main hub situated in Ashford, offering nine dedicated teaching rooms for English, Maths, PSHE, Music, Science, Art, Hair and Beauty plus a further two classrooms. We also offer  courses in Catering and Fish Management.

A quiet room is also available for larger groups or if a student requires a separate room for education.  An onsite gym enables PE students to access exercise equipment in all types of weather. 

During breaks students can relax in the Student Hub with supervised access.  The Pastoral Support Manager has a station in the break room to offer students a greater chance to voice their concerns, opinions, and access support on a consistent and regular basis. Goldwyn Plus employs a counsellor to work closely alongside students .All students are encouraged to express their opinions and ideas with the use of a Goldwyn Plus “Suggestions for Improvement” box.

Goldwyn Plus Course and Programmes

The Goldwyn Plus curriculum is designed to reflect the individual needs of every student, their interests, prior attainment and background study.

Goldwyn Plus offers a student centred timetable prioritising core subjects for GCSE examinations as well as foundation and vocational subjects for engagement and progression beyond Year 11.

All KS4 students work towards qualifications that reflect their ability including GCSE English and Maths, as well as Functional Skills Level 1 and 2 equivalents.

GCSEs in Art, History, and Science are also available along with ICT, PE, Music, Nails & Beauty, Hairdressing, Catering and PSD qualifications all being taught onsite.

In addition, vocational courses are also available at Goldwyn Sixth Form including:

* Construction   * Motor Vehicle Maintenance * Vehicle Body Repair

A new initiative recently added to the Goldwyn Plus curriculum is Marchwood.

A Therapeutic and Edcuational Programme covering woodland management, conservation and outdoor activities.

Curriculum Information

Students can work towards the following;

Art - NCFE or GCSE

History - GCSE

Science - GCSE


Cooking – NCFE Level 1 & Level 2

PE – AQA Awards or NCFE

Music – AQA Awards or NCFE

Nails & Beauty – NCFE

Hair – NCFE Level 1 & Level 2

PSE – AQA Awards

English – GCSE or Functional Skills Level 1 & Level 2

Maths – GCSE or Functional Skills Level 1 & Level 2

Fishing – CAST Angling Trust Level 1 & Level 2

Marchwood – AQA unit Awards which include:

Environmental Studies, Outdoor Education, Woodland Management and Conservation, Environmental Art and Horticulture.

Beyond the classroom:

Additional learning is available via e-learning platforms, both onsite and in the local community, which enables students to gain extra support and tuition independently.

Goldwyn Plus is also able to co-ordinate work experience placements as well as educational visits to Kent Choices Live, apprenticeships and careers workshops.  This encourages our students to engage in their future and life beyond Goldwyn Plus.  Students are also encouraged to explore their future through assistance with college applications and schemes including “Fast Tomato”.

Goldwyn Plus education can be accessed from home for students who have increased barriers to learning.  We have home tutors who offer tuition at home, libraries, community centres to enable student learning throughout Kent.

Goldwyn Plus is dedicated to the education and well being of each individual student. Goldwyn Plus aims to improve attendance, motivation, self-esteem, employability, life and social skills and encourage positive behaviour.


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