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Inclusive Pathway Provision

Goldwyn School is an outstanding 11-18 special school for children and young people with complex SEMH needs, often coupled with co-morbid diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, ODD, anxiety and PTSD.

Goldwyn school aims to deliver an outstanding education to all its students. We recognise the complex SEMH needs and significant challenges that our students face and we have adapted our provision to meet these needs, through our pathway model. This ensures all students are able to access the education and social and emotional support they should have in order to be happy, achieve academic success and transition to destinations of their choice when they leave Goldwyn; at the end of their time at Goldwyn the vast majority of our Year 11,12 and 13 leavers successfully transition to mainstream colleges, further training or employment.

In order to enable our students to achieve the best outcomes possible, we recognise that each of them is unique and a highly personalised approach to learning is embedded within our curriculum delivery models. During our admissions process we assess the needs of each student and place them on the most appropriate pathway. Our pathway model enables students to work within a framework that best suits their needs. 

Our 4 pathways are located across our 4 separate centres:

Goldwyn Ashford                 Godinton Lane, Great Chart, Ashford

Goldwyn Folkestone           Parkfield Road, Folkestone

Goldwyn Plus                       Beaver Lane, Ashford & Parkfield Road, Folkestone

Goldwyn Sixth Form            Norfolk Drive, Ashford & Parkfield Road, Folkestone



Flagship School Status Nov 22

Goldwyn School continues to be a Flagship School (November 2022)


Goldwyn School rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted 

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