Teaching and Learning at Goldwyn

Pupils leave school with the determination, knowledge and academic qualifications needed to continue their successes.(OFSTED report October 2022)

OFSTED highly praised our teachers stating they are “skilled in delivering their subjects and are experts in teaching pupils with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs.” Since then we have developed our curriculum even further in order to offer our students an outstanding education.


We want students to acquire new knowledge and skills, develop their ideas and increase their understanding; apply intellectual, physical and creative effort in their work; be productive and work at a good pace; show interest in their work and be able to sustain concentration and think and learn for themselves; understand what they are doing, how well they have done and how they can improve. 



  • Our students are entitled to a broad, balanced and highly coherent curriculum, developed to give them a full entitlement and meet their needs and aspirations.
  • We believe in high expectations and the necessity to develop all our students to their full potential, as well as preparing them for a life after school.
  • There must be a continuity, logical sequence, progression and additional enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum.
  • We believe in collaborating with both local mainstream and special schools, as well as other agencies, to extend and improve our curriculum.
  • We must recognise and respond to student’s diverse needs and seek to overcome potential barriers to learning.
  • We must recognise and meet student’s difficulties with literacy and numeracy and tailor individual programmes more closely to need.
  • We are a team and therefore consistency of experience is fundamental.


Their qualifications are appropriate and meaningful and allow the vast majority of pupils to move on successfully to mainstream college. (OFSTED report October 2022)


At Key Stage 4 we offer an incredible range nationally accredited Level 1 and 2 qualifications. Students can also benefit from a range of opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh programme, construction, motor vehicle studies and catering.  

Where appropriate work Related Learning is part of a students’ individual pathway and is tailored to meet his or her specific needs. For some students this may entail a day’s placement each week, for others a one week block placement.

For detailed curriculum content please click on the pathway links. 

Internet Access

Goldwyn School has computing facilities throughout the School. The Internet is a tremendously useful tool used in every curriculum area. Students are given their own email account for use in School. The guidelines for safe use of the internet are adhered to by all staff. The School has web filtering software and a high level of security. For more information you are welcome to see the policy held in the School. 


Flagship School Status Nov 22

Goldwyn School continues to be a Flagship School (November 2022)


Goldwyn School rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted 

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