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Non-Violent Resistance

Non-Violent Resistance (NVR)

Non-Violent Resistance is a psychologically-based approach which has been developed to address serious behavioural problems in young people, in order to help overcome aggressive, destructive and controlling behaviours.

The purpose of NVR is to help adults develop positive authority and use effective strategies, which don't involve punishments, in order to address young people's behaviours without causing escalations.  It works towards restoring and improving family relationships, and provides an alternative to unproductive verbal persuasion and violent conflict.

The methods used do not rely specifically on the spoken word and can be adapted to include visual aids, so the approach is one that has been used to work with those with ASD.

The resources provided here have been produced with the kind permission of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Pete Brown at Greenwich CAMHS, original documents and other information that you may find helpful are available on their website at     


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