Goldwyn Plus

Our unique pathway model has enabled us to develop a range of curriculum offers and delivery options that are designed to meet the very different needs of the students that have been referred to us.

One of these pathways is Goldwyn Plus which expanded its provision in response to the increasing demand for places for exceptionally complex students whose needs could or have not been met within other specialist provision within Kent.

These complex students were not being offered special school places due to their complexity of need and previous experiences such as: -

        Co-morbid diagnosis (e.g., anxiety/ASC, Conduct Disorder, anxiety, and related health needs)

        Prior school refusal

        Previously home educated

        Multiple permanent/fixed term exclusions

        Late Diagnosis

        Late receipt of EHCP

        Un-met SEN needs

This has resulted in negative student experiences within the school environment, within the provision, and with adverse relationships with both peers and staff leading to isolation and breakdown of placements. This can then cause problems in their lives outside school. This has commonly led to long periods out of school resulting in large gaps in learning and further disaffection and anxiety.

To overcome these historic barriers, Goldwyn decided to take a strategic approach and discussed an appropriate way forward for these predominantly KS4 students with the local authority.

Goldwyn school recognises that, for these students, the usual special school curriculum and classroom-based experience cannot be a solution and a more creative and person-centred approach to education is needed to be effective.

Students who are on the roll of Goldwyn School, on our Goldwyn Plus Pathway access a unique programme which taps into their skills and interests and builds from this into a broad educational package that incorporates: -


        Academic external Level 1 & 2 qualifications

        Vocational qualifications

        Outdoor learning

        Personal social development

        Careers education and guidance

On admission the student’s talents, interests and hopes, alongside their fears, anxieties, and reluctance to re-engage are discussed. A carefully tailored and individualised approach is taken to timetable planning for every student.

Establishing positive, significant relationships between adults and students is at the centre of our approach. From this point of trust and understanding we are able to ensure that we build success into the learning experiences for our students. Barriers to learning are highlighted and a range of strategic interventions such as therapeutic, sensory, emotional, and social programmes are put in place easing their return to accessing and engaging in the wider curriculum offer. This is often the first-time students and their families have felt fully supported and able to engage in their child's education which creates a positive partnership from the outset.

Staff at Goldwyn Plus discuss and review student engagement and achievement on a daily and weekly basis. The provision offer is evaluated and adjusted to meet each student’s needs, ensuring success and positive engagement.

Each student's timetable is unique and can include the following: -

GCSE Subjects/Courses

Other Subjects/Courses

English, Maths, Science, Citizenship, Art, Business, Sociology, PE

Mechanics IMI Entry Level Three

NCFE Subjects/Courses

Construction City & Guilds

Functional Skills English & Maths

CSCS Card (Construction Industry)

Certificate in Sport

Therapeutic & Student Support

Hair & Beauty

Goldwyn Time

AQA Award Subjects/Courses


PSHE AQA award (Can also be taken as a NCFE course.)


Health & Social Care AQA award

Careers & Post 16 Planning

Art AQA award

Work Experience

Photography  AQA award

Art (Therapeutic)

Catering AQA award

Photography (Therapeutic)

ICT AQA award

Home Tuition

Horticulture AQA award

On-line/virtual learning/lessons

Working with Animals AQA award

First Aid

Forest School AQA award


Music RSL Examination Board




Where a student has a particular interest in a subject or skill not listed above, we do our utmost to accommodate it.

All of our students improve their attendance when at Goldwyn. Our rate of examination passes has increased year on year and 100% of students last summer successfully transitioned to college, employment or training.

Many of our students require the support of other agencies to help them or their families. Goldwyn takes a proactive approach to referring and signposting support for families, attending multiple agency meetings and accompanying parents to appointments. A number of our students will also be involved in therapies and be engaged in working with other agencies (e.g., CAMHS, YOT, EH etc) during the week.

Whilst we aim for every student to access 10 sessions a week; for many this may be unrealistic due to their mental health needs. Our work with these students is sensitively 'measured' and in response to fluctuations in their emotional capacity to learn. Students learn to regulate their behaviour, emotion, and sociability with focused input from highly skilled staff who have very strong, positive relationships with them. Our broad and flexible approach to the curriculum offer, and the venue for its delivery is a key aspect to maintaining students successfully within our provision and providing them with a steppingstone into further education, training or employment.

Without Goldwyn's unique pathway we believe the vast majority of these students would not be in any form of education.


Flagship School Status Nov 22

Goldwyn School continues to be a Flagship School (November 2022)


Goldwyn School rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted 

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